About Us

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We specialize in Arabic voice over

We started 16 years ago as a voice talent that works individually, We gained experience through dealing with major audio production companies, as well as dealing with distinguished clients.
We presented them with multiple colors of voice performance until we reached professionalism in work and performance.
And we became qualified to discover new vocal talents and provide them with an opportunity in the labor market, so we were able to form a base of professional and varied voices, which called us to form our own company that provides distinctive voice services to our customers in the classical Arabic language until our slogan has become #Arabian_Tounge.

Our Mission

To make your recording experience and Voice tracks in Arabic an easy one by using all resources available from our artists and Engineers.

Our Vision

Is to go beyond the standard remit of an Arabic voice-over company and to become a creative hub where companies, organizations, and brands around the world can find the perfect voice for their business goals.

Core Values

  • The client is at the center of the process.
  • The past inspires invention and innovation.
  • Experimentation requires artistic rigor.
  • Collaboration activates growth.

Want to record with us?

We are a Full-stack Arabic voice-over company with the latest technology for all your projects


Our Team

At Ragab Voice, we believe that the caliber of our engineers & Artists
is just as important as the quality of the studio we work in

Our Engineers